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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Tamara Hamilton 2008
Currently Assistant Professor at ....., Florida, U.S.A.
Sara Eisler 2008
Currently Assisant Professor at University of Fredericton, N-B, Canada
Hung Dang 2008  
Éric Demers 2006
Currently at professor at CEGEP of Valleyfield, Québec
Ulrich Darbost 2006
Currently Maître de Conférence at Lyon University, France
Kenneth Maly 2006
Currently Assistant Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Shane Telfer 2006
Currently Assistant Professor at Masey Universty, New-Zealand
Nadia Malek 2005  
Okba Saied 2005  
Tao Tu 2005
Post-doctoral fellow in Germany
Greg Patenaude 2004  


Ph. D. Students

Adam Duong 2012  
François Raymond 2011
Currently Professor at Collège André-Grasset
Éric Gagnon 2010
Currently chemist at Photochimie St-Jean
Michael Lautman 2007
Currently Professor at Cepep John-Abbot, Montreal, Canada
Olivier Lebel 2006
Currently Assistant Professor at the Royal Military College of Kinsgton, Canada
Éric Demers 2005
Currently a Professor at Cegep of Valleyfield
Fatima Helzy 2004
Currently a research associate in the Wuest group
Dominic Laliberté 2003
Currently working as a professor at Cegep of Valleyfield
Jean-Hugues Fournier 2003  


 M. Sc. Students

Virginie Lachapelle 2014  
Sharon Lie 2013  
Nicolas-Joao Blair Pereira 2013  
Marc-André Dubois 2012  
Monica Samoila 2012  
Pierre-Marc Arseneault 2011  
Patrick Eddy Ryan 2007
Ph. D. Student in Geneva, Switzerland
Émilie Voisin 2006
Ph. D. Student under Professor Vince at Simon Fraser University, Canada
Jean-Sébastien Mailloux 2002
Working for Solaris inc.
Francis Monchamp 2001  
Lionel Dumas 2001  
Gerson Gonzalez Gonzalez 2000  


Undergraduate Students

Nino Gueorguiev 2013  
Alice Heskia 2011  
Sami Khedri 2010  
Pierre-Marc Arseneault 2007  
Luka Bartulovic 2006  
Caroline Dauphin 2005  
Nicolas Joao Blair-Pereira 2004  
Olga La Manna 2004  
Patricia Sauvé 2004  
Huy Che-Quang 2004  
Janie Cabana 2003  
Éric Gagnon 2003  
Maxime Raymond 2003  
Mathieu Arsenault 2003  
Nathalie Raymond 2003  
Ariane Sirois 2002