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Group Picture (2010)

From left to right : Huy Che-Quang, Minh Trung Dang, Daniel Beaudoin, Valérie Métivaut, Pierre-Marc Arseneault, Pierre-Louis Brunner, Adam Duong, Marc-André Dubois, Olivier Levasseur-Grenon, Jim Wuest, Sharon Lie, Monica Samoila, Hui Zhou, Fatima Helzy and Virginie Lachapelle.


Group Picture (2009)

From left to right, second row: Éric Gagnon, James D. Wuest, Pierre-Marc Arseneault, Huy Che-Quang. First row: Pierre-Louis Brunner, Monica Samoila, Fatima Helzy, Nicolas Blair-Pereira, Adam Duong. Absentees : François Raymond, Hui Zhou, Chengsong Hu.


Group Picture (2005)

From left to right: Michael Lautman, Hung Dang, Kenneth Maly, Tamara Hamilton, Olivier Lebel, Hui Zhou, Émilie Voisin, Huy Che-Quang, Fatima Helzy, Shane Telfer, Patrick Ryan, Ulrich Darbost, Adam Duong, Éric Gagnon, Chensong Hu, James D. Wuest, François Raymond.


Ryoji Noyori Visit (2009)