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Group Picture (2014)

From left to right : Fatima Helzy, Michel Simard, Daniel Beaudoin, Olivier Levasseur-Grenon, Alice Heskia, Jim Wuest, Thierry Maris, Pierre-Louis Brunner, Sophie Langis-Barsetti and Minh Trung Dang.


Support Personnel

Mildred Bien-Aimé (Administrative Coordinator) Dr. Thierry Maris (Crystallographer) Dr. Fatima Helzy


Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Hui Zhou Dr. Minh Trung Dang


Ph.D. Students

Pierre-Louis Brunner Daniel Beaudoin Alice Heskia
Sophie Langis-Barsetti


M. Sc. Students

Olivier Levasseur-Grenon